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"For the Part-Time Judge Position, the Commissioned Deputies Association voted to endorse Jared Hawkins. His 17 years of experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney, city attorney, and Air Force JAG Officer give him an extensive knowledge base from which to draw from when presiding over cases. As an Association, we believe Jared Hawkins will provide fair and equal justice from the bench."
 Walla Walla Commissioned Deputies Association
"I am proud to know and work with Jared Hawkins, and very proud to endorse him as District Court Judge. Jared is truthful and generous, hard-working and fair. He is a capable and honest attorney, with experience in many different areas of the law. You can count on Jared to do the right thing. I know Jared will bring all of these qualities to his service as part-time District Court Judge, and that Walla Walla will be the better for it."
 Brian Andrews, Attorney, Walla Walla
"As a retired Air Force LTC it is a distinct honor to endorse a fellow Air Force Reserve officer for such an important position in our judicial system. As a devoted religious man, I believe that Jared's empathy for our common humanity is inspired by his deep seated beliefs. As Jared's friend I can attest to his exceptional sense of loyalty and candid camaraderie. With all of these character attributes, there is no doubt that his contributions, as an agent of the law and as a public servant to our community, will be of the utmost fairness to all parties."
 Dr. Carlos F. Acevedo, USAF LTC RetiredWalla Walla

"I confidently endorse Jared Hawkins as part time District Court Judge. I’ve known Jared Hawkins (and his family) for close to a decade and find him to be an honest, trustworthy, honorable, and incorruptible man. Jared’s legal experience and expertise, support of our military, church leadership, and impressive background in community service (to include supporting persons with disabilities), makes him the perfect candidate for Walla Walla. Jared Hawkins has my vote and my full support!"
 Lindsay Britton, Walla Walla
"When I needed some legal counsel I chose Jared Hawkins as I knew I would get an honest man with strong values, good judgment, deep knowledge, and passion for the job I needed done. He communicates extremely well and listens with both ears, meaning he gets to know his clients needs and is always seeking to understand how best to serve them."
 Ben FlindersWalla Walla
"I have worked with Jared on a community non-profit board and local service groups and have known him for many years. I appreciate his dedicated service to the community and his wisdom in tackling tough situations. His talents and ongoing commitment would be beneficial to Walla Walla."
 Robert HafenWalla Walla
"You have been an asset to our community, not to mention our country! You have dedicated years of service in your personal commitment to the Air Force, as a community leader and as a valued attorney in Walla Walla County. You will make a great part time District Court Judge that has the judicial temperament to be compassionate, understanding, and fair to all. I hope others will join me in helping to elect Jared Hawkins as the next Walla Walla Part Time District Court Judge!"
Kathy Hedine, Walla Walla

"I have known and worked with Jared daily for over 10 years. I can confidently say that in addition to having extensive experience and an impeccable legal mind, he is a genuinely kind person who routinely places others before himself. He is patient and thoughtful, with a unique ability to calm stressful situations. He will be an approachable judge that takes the time to listen, analyze, and provide sound judgment. A vote for Jared Hawkins is a vote for experience, integrity, and unmatched personal character."
 Kjirsten Hedine, Walla Walla
"I've known Jared Hawkins for several years. Jared is kind and compassionate to everyone he's around. There is no doubt in my mind Jared Hawkins will be a wonderful asset to our community in his judgeship. A vote for Jared is a vote for fairness and justice with equal application of the law. I enthusiastically support Jared Hawkins for Walla Walla District Court Judge."
 Tom HodginsWalla Walla
"Jared is an excellent lawyer, good friend, and honest person. I can think of none other better suited to the job of District Court Judge!"
 Dr. Christopher JenkinsWalla Walla
"Jared has been a great help to me in my work at PocketiNet and in dealing with several personal situations. He is both fair and reasonable. I think he will do very well as a District Court Judge."
Marshall KeymerCOO, PocketiNet CommunicationsWalla Walla
"I fully endorse Jared Hawkins as a part time District Court Judge. He lives with the utmost integrity and values. He will strive to serve this community with fairness and justice."
 Judith Likes, College Place
"When I moved to Walla Walla over 2 years ago, Jared Hawkins was one of the first people I met, through our association at church. As I watched him function in his leadership role there, it quickly became apparent to me that he was a man of kindness, of empathy, and of the highest level of integrity. His service to not only myself and my family, but to an entire congregation, was exemplary and inspiring, often at the expense, I imagine, of his own free time. I can think of no one in the Walla Walla area who I feel better embodies the characteristics that should be held by any judge...fairness, understanding, patience, and again, empathy and integrity. Without reservation, I enthusiastically endorse Jared Hawkins for Part-Time District Court Judge. His appointment would be of great benefit to the entire Walla Walla community and its residents."
 Matthew Nerdin, Walla Walla
"I have known Jared Hawkins for over 7 years and worked with him closely in several different capacities. I have found him to be a caring and thoughtful man. He is conscientious and thorough and would make a great judge. I have no reservations endorsing him. He has my vote."
 Tim Perkes, College Place 
"I have observed Jared Hawkins as Legal Counsel for the City of Waitsburg and the Port of Walla Walla. He is always prepared to advise with well researched, informative and beneficial information with an in-depth understanding of government entities and municipalities. He will bring that same positive work ethic to the District Court with compassionate and informed decision-making. For these reasons I heartily endorse his candidacy for District Court Judge."
 Joy Marie Smith, Waitsburg 
"I endorse Jared Hawkins for the office of the Judge. Jared is a person of great integrity. I have known him for the past few years and I am convinced that he will be fair and impartial, and that he will exercise judicial independence in his work. Jared is and will continue to be a great asset to this community."
 Dr. Patience Taruwinga, Walla Walla 

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